Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Shanthosh's Thoughts on the Whole Project

  The whole project was amazing and I liked every single bit of it. From drawing the art to performing our own poems in front of a live audience, they were all a great experience. There is not a specific part that I liked in the project but if i had to say one it would be this blog. The blog let us show others are art and get feedback to about what they thought and also I got to see other's art and provide feedback. So this project was the beat and I bet my whole class thinks the same also.

  In this project I learned many things.The main one was that there is creativity in all of us and it doesn't have to be in art, dance or music. It can be in anything you do but you have to discover that yourself an hopefully you do. So if you think you are not artistic don't worry because expressing art can be in anything you do.

  This project had changed every opinion or thought I had on art and especially imagination. Before I was not a big fan of art and now I think i am since I know how to express myself.Also for me I did not a good imagination and after this program I think my whole brain and life is probably running on imagination and blood, oxygen, food, water and those other things. So this is my review on the whole project.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Femi's Art Finale!


I liked a lot of things about the whole project.  Starting with doing art, not for marks or grades just to express yourself in the most creative way possible.  I also liked this whole blogging tool because we get to use technology (saving the trees) to write and comment on other people's art and explain your own piece of artwork.  I am so glad that our class was given the opportunity to be involved in the project, which was awesome!
While taking part in this project, I learned that inspiration can come from anywhere, even an apple :).  I also learned that you can express yourself using art, and not just visual arts.  Another thing I learned was that CREATIVTY ROCKS!!!!!
This project really changed me in a lot of ways including my feelings about art, imagination and creativity.  Before this project I wasn't too happy doing art (don't tell Ms.Walker) but now it is a whole different story.  Now I really like expressing myself with art becaue it is fun and uses imagination and creativity, which can help you in other subjects too and that's no joke.
So now, everybody should know....

Amina's thoughts about the whole experience :)

I personally thought that this project was really fun and creative. I loved the whole program and how it was planned, we all got to work together and see the deep side of art. I learned a lot about art during this whole project because art was really boring to me, but after this project, i got to know that art is not all about color, lines, and perfection. Art is really about what you imagine, its all imagination (in my opinion). This project changed me in a way, that i did not even know. I hated preforming on stage but now when this project was finished i think back to the nervousness and the excitement that was inside of me, oh i almost forgot the butterflies too. All of that only comes when you are preforming on stage. Also i would like to give a big THANK YOU to Enna, Robin and everyone from the nelson art center for coming and making this project a success. Another huge THANK YOU to all the teachers that were with us and who encouraged us.

The CR project by thirukkumaran

I like about the CR  project because we got to do a lots of thing like blog,draw picture perform the poem about humans was very fun to perform because people will see you and you will to popual.i like it because we learned about human right because i didn't know about human right. 
i enjoyed the every thing about the crispy waffle.we learned about art and dance. 

i learned from the project was human right and art. in art they is no mistake.

the project change by not being shy and i get smart. so this project help me so much.             


This is the end

Well This Is It The End Is Here


the thing that i liked most about the poject was that when we were told to make something that we had no limit to what we did and that we were all going to end up with something different. and whatever we did was going to not be called ugly or that it was not good even to go into the art gallery. and that we had fun with art because usally when you do art you want it to look pretty but you never want to put what is in your brain on paper. and that we got to perform in front of people you took the time to actually listen to what we were saying and that child have a voice and the saying "kids should been seen and not heard" is not ture.

I learned that you  dont have to care what people think of your art as long as you like it that all that matters. and i learned that as people we have more human rights then you think and to have fun with what your doing and that you dont need to be scared to perform if you beleive in what your doing is right. 

And lastly the project change me because i dont care if people don't like my art because it is right to me. and now when i perform it won't matter what people think because i beleive in what i am doing what is right. to me and i see art in a whole new way now. and that people see thing in differnet ways so i don't have to get mad if people don't know what i am drawing.

Well this is the end to my blog i hope you like what i wrote and i really loved doing this project and i hope you enjoyed it to -Alessia Duarte  

My thoughts on the Crispy Waffles Project

The Crispy Waffles Project was a really fun and enjoyable project. My favorite part of the project was the performance. I liked the performance because we got to perform the poems we wrote about human rights and get to express it in movements. 

I learned a lot from this project  when we did the 2 drawings, I learned that we can express our feelings and thoughts in art. I really enjoyed that.

This project changed me a lot because of the 2 drawings we did. When the instructors said we can use our imagination i was really happy because i can do what my mind feels like doing. This changed my art skills and how I draw.